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Kalliope Yvonne is an emerging artist working in southern USA. She graduated from East Tennessee State University with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in 2018, where she focused on three-dimensional work. Kalliope makes sculptures and traditional vessels that express complicated human emotions. On her ceramics she designs sophisticated scenes and intricate surfaces that give each object a complex composition. Throughout her pieces one will see themes of duality, emotional reflection, and quirky morbidity.In her most recent work she has started to incorporate plants, both decoratively and literally, as a symbol of growth and change. With her art she creates spaces in which people can discuss convoluted emotions and empathize with each other. Her inspirations are, but not limited to, Lisa Clague, Beth Cavaner, Heesoo Lee, Junji Ito, Piet Mondrian, and Holly Whitaker. Find her ceramics and art videos on Tiktok: @KalliopeYvonneCeramics